Hybrid Rice Development Consortium

To strengthen the collaboration between the public and private sectors and to enhance the dissemination of hybrid rice technology, Hybrid Rice Development Consortium (HRDC) was established at the International Rice Reserach Institute (IRRI), Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines in 2008 with 39 public and private organizations. By Q1 2015, the HRDC has been expanded to 76 members.

The Syngenta trainees met Dr. Jauhar Ali for Hybrid rice discussion at the IRRI HQ.

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9th HRDC Annual Meeting Presentations (March 30 to April 1, 2016) 

Mitigating abiotic stresses through breeding for yield stability (Arvind Kumar) Market research for targeted breeding (Matty Demont) How improved crop management practices can enhance genetic gains from breeding? (Sarah Beebout) Breeding for durable resistance to...
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