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Interested in becoming a member? HRDC offers five membership levels: platinum, gold, silver, green-platinum and green. You can find out more about the benefits of each membership level below or read through the Guidelines for Public-Private Sector Partnership. Send an email to for more info or if you have specific questions.


  • Access to HRDC material, information, and expertise relevant to hybrid rice sector
  • Receives the moderate amount of material (A, B, and R lines, F2 population)
  • Access to IRRI proprietary DNA markers relevant for hybrid rice breeding
  • Access to certain additional IRRI proprietary non-HRDC material for breeding purposes, at an additional cost (USD 1000 per line/year)
  • Third party material is tested and showcased by HRDC, at HRDC cost. HRDC members are free to contact directly the owner of the material and/or technology, with HRDC as facilitator
  • Higher royalty fee at commercial phase

  • Open to any not-for-profit or for-profit organizations or companies that have commercial activities related to rice R&D and/or selling of seeds and other products and services, including business entities under public organizations.


  • Access to information and expertise relevant to hybrid rice sector
  • Participation in all HRDC forum of key stakeholders
  • Possibility to showcase their product, service, and technologies to HRDC members by way of presentations in HRDC forum
  • No access to HRDC materials or IRRI material

  • Open to any organization interested in the hybrid rice sector and does not need access to HRDC materials.

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