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Revised HRDC GUIDELINES effective April 2, 2013

Embracing Hybrid Rice: Impacts & Future Directions (Leocadio S. Sebastian and Flordeliza H. Bordey) 

6th International Hybrid Rice Symposium (Presentations)                                  Sept. 10-12, 2012 ~ Taj Krishna Hotel~ Hyderabad, India


1. Hybrid Rice in India - Prospects & Future Challenges  (E.A. Siddiq)

2. Hybrid Rice Research & Development at IRRI  (Fangming Xie)

3. Hybrid Rice Breeding - Private Sector Perspectives  (Yog Raj)

4. China's Super Hybrid Rice Breeding Program   (Yuan Longping)

5. Progress of China's Hybrid Rice Breeding Program   (Cheng Shihua) 

Country Report

 1.  Hybrid Rice in Latin America  (Edgar Torres / Cesar Martinez)

 2. Hybrid Rice Research Development - Bangladesh Perspective  (Helal Ahmed)

 3. Annual Report of China Rice Research & Development  (Liyong Cao)

 4. Hybrid Rice in the Philippines  (Manuel Jose Regalado)

 5. Progress of Research &  Development of Hybrid Rice in Vietnam  (Nguyen Tri Hoan)

 6. Hybrid Rice in Africa  (Raafat El-Namaky)

 7. Hybrid Rice Adoption in Indonesia - The Success & Challenges  (Satoto)

 8. Potentials and Limitations of Hybrid Rice Production in Sri Lanka  (S.W. Abeysekera)

Technical Session

 1. Identification of candidate genes for fertility restoration of WA-CMS through mapping & sequencing  (CN Neeraja)

 2. Japonica Hybrid Rice Breeding in China  (Hua Zetian)

 3. Hybrid Rice Breeding in the Philippines  (Thelma Padolina)

 4. Hybrid Rice Breeding in India  (AS Hari Prasad) 

 5. Developing Heat Tolerance and N efficient Rice Hybrids for Changing Climate  (SR Voleti) 

 6. Development of Hybrid Rice in India - A transformation towards improved grain quality with enhanced grain yield  (N Shobha Rani) 

 Breeding, Genetics & Molecular

 1. Disease scenario in North Eastern Plain Zone (Jharkland) with reference to Hybrid Rice (Atul Kumar)

 2. A tool to breed A-lines with out-crossing ability (James Taillebois)

 3. Disease Resistance in Hybrid Rice: Experience from all India Coordinated Plant Pathology Program  (Krishnaveni Donempudi)

 4. Intogression from Oryza rufipogon into the Restorer Line KMR3 Increase Hybrid RiceYield  (N. Sarla)

 5. Application of S5 Functional Marker System in Inter-Subspecific Hybridization for Improving Level of Heterosis   (Revathi Ponnusamy)

 6. Application of Resistance Gene Analog Markers to Analyses of Genetic Structure and Diversity in Rice   (Juansheng Ren)

 7. Molecular Marker Based Identification of Restorers and Maintainers in Rice    (Rajendra Krishna) 

 8. Development of an Assay to detect Xanthomonas Oryzae Pathovars from Rice Seeds  (Casiana Vera Cruz)  

 Seed Production, Agronomy, Protection & Social Sciences 

 1. An Economic Analysis of Hybris Rice Technology in India   (B. Nirmala)

 2. Risk Control of Two Line Hybrid Rice Seed Production  (Chengshu Zhou)

 3. Frontline Demonstrations on Hybrid Rice: Present Status & Future Prospects  (N Meera Shaik)

 4. National Seeds Association of India's (NSAI) Role in Encouraging Seed Production & Marketing  (NK Dadlani)

 5. Identifying Suitable Areas for Hybrid Rice Seed Production  (Sailaja Banda)  

 6. Impact of Hybrid Rice on Food Security: A spatial equilibrium analysis of global adoption & diffusion of hybrid rice varities   (Till Ludwig) 

  7Hybrid Rice Seed Production Scenario in India   (Rajendra Prasad) 

  8The Global Rice Economy - Current Situation and Future Outlook   (Sam Mohanty)  

  9Rice Hybrids suitable for Dry Direct Seeding in India   (Ramesha Mugalodi)  

5th International Hybrid Rice Symposium (Presentations)

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