Watch as Dr. Jauhar Ali presents at a special interest session on hybrid rice at the 2017 Asian Seed Congress held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Learn more about IRRI’s work on hybrid rice.

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Yuan Longping (1930–2021)

Crop scientist whose high-yield hybrid rice fed billions. Chinese children recite a Tang dynasty poem that credits the farmer’s sweat and toil for the rice on their plates. They should also acknowledge crop scientist Yuan Longping, the ‘father of hybrid rice’, the...

BRRI dhan75 shows hope of early cultivation of robi crops

Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) is going to introduce the BRRI dhan75, which is a short-duration and early maturity variety of Aman rice, in the market. The variety is expected to create scope of timely cultivation of rabi crops such as wheat, lentil,...

Yuan Longping: Simple life, great legacy

The Father of Hybrid Rice, who passed away on May 22 this year, left behind a massive legacy of innovation to combat global food crisis The world knows him as the Father of Hybrid Rice. His invention revolutionized the global hunger landscape in an era when an...

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